We believe in earning our clients business everyday. We have been named the national property management company of the year and recongnized as one of the best property management companies in Denver.

We are proud to have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (for over 40 years!), and over 300 independent google reviews with a 4.8 star average rating.

These aren't just positive reviews, they are real people with whom we have real relationships.

- Marc Cunningham, President

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"Greg, Thank you as always for your assistance, your thoughtfulness and your professionalism. You are much appreciated."

Heather - Property Owner

"Daniel, Thank you SOOO much for all the improvements in just the short amount of time you've been here. The laundry room and units look beautiful and definitely represent a nicer living arrangement! Looking forward to parking and any other improvements being made. Very very satisfied living here!"

Sherri R. - Tenant

"It was a special experience to deal with this agency and the professionalism of its managers. Thank you for all your kindness."

Carlos - Tenant

"Liz was very friendly! She was quick and to the point while still letting her charisma shine through. Having a stranger look through your home can be nerve racking, but Liz let me take the lead and cracked some jokes to make the process easy and comfortable. Thanks Liz!"

Shawn N. - New Property Owner

"Carla has been an amazing Landlord. Through two companies, she has always been a delight to interact with. Even at 3am when my house was flooding she responded. I would recommend her to anybody looking for a place to rent."

Amanda - Tenant

"Jessica and the team at Grace Management are tremendous. Everyone has has our best interests as a priority for several years and we are honored to have had the opportunity to work with these great folks."

Yvonne B. - Property Owner

"I was very welcomed in leasing with Grace rentals!! I feel that Pam really took her time and customer service experience to accommodate us to our new living home"

Anthony B. - Tenant

"Appreciate the professionalism, patience and flexibility."

Glenn M - Property Owner

"They were quick with the application process and very upfront and honest."

Keith H - Prospective Tenant

"Another super fast reply! I really appreciate Holly being so responsive and helpful!"

Denise M - Tenant

"After 12 years of excellent property management of my home, Greg handled the sale of my property with expertise and superior customer service. Greg took his time explaining the process and kept me informed almost on a daily basis. He researched and set the price appropriately and within the 30 days we had a buyer! It was so convenient having Greg, already familiar with my property, become my realtor. I can't imagine it going any better. Thanks again Greg!"

Dana R. - Property Owner

"I was initially impressed with this firm after watching the video presentation by their President on the internet. After meeting Mr. Daniel P. of their firm I was sold! He did not disappoint me. He was not only professional but responded to me on a timely basis. His recommendation in regards to rent my condo were "spot on". Fast, efficient and professional. I am glad I chose Grace Property Management."

Gery R. - Property Owner

"Thanks a ton! I have to say I'm so far super happy I switched management to you all. You have been doing great work. I don't hardly even think about it which is such a relief. I'm passing on your info. Thanks again!"

Laura C. - Property Owner

"Thank you Daniel for all the work you did this year to get my house ready and rented. I appreciate all your efforts"

Wendy T. - Property Owner

"I received immediate response to my request. The property I was inquiring about had been leased, however, options were given for future inventory."

Valerie S. - Prospective Resident

“Grace Management is by far the absolute best management company I have worked with in my 30+ years of business. All of the property managers and real estate agents are great to work with, extremely professional, knowledgeable and hard working. Sherri, Jessica and Marc are the 3 I have the most experience with though I would not hesitate to recommend anyone within the company having worked with all of the managers in some capacity, I would highly recommend Grace Management to any homeowner looking to rent or sell your home as well as anyone looking to rent a property. Whether your needs are commercial or residential Grace Management is the best possible choice you can make.”

Eric B. - Property Owner

“Always on the ball and the nicest person you'll ever talk to. Best property manager I've ever had.”

Robert P. - Resident

“The Grace Management team is great! My property manager, Alexis, was very responsive in a time of need. And the maintenance tech, Andrew, was excellent! If there is any way I rate him five stars, I would sure like to! Good man, knows his stuff, and got me taken care of! Everything is working great!”

Fred M. - Resident

“Marc Cunningham is a shining star in Professional Property Management. Grace Property Management embodies all of the qualities necessary to fulfill each individual real estate investor's desired outcomes due to their company's well-honed systems. Each team member work together seamlessly to provide excellent service. I highly recommend them.”

Pam M. - Property Owner

“Carla replied to our furnace not working, very quickly. Also, we received a call from the heating company (Unique Heating and Air Conditioning) not too much longer. Very impressed and pleased!” 

Nick F - Resident


“I rented a property from Grace for 4 years, and when the owner decided to sell I jumped on the opportunity to buy. Greg helped us the entire way. He is very professional, knowledgeable and caring. We appreciate everything you did for us. Thank you Greg, and Grace, for making renting and now owning this home an awesome experience.” 

Jessica R. - Property Owner

“You guys are awesome and on top of things, Thanks again”

Jessica D. - Property Owner

“Very pleased with this rental company. If I could I would still be renting from them (the owner decided to sell.) After going through another rental company for only a second time I find that Grace Management was awesome! After finding another place, there were a few other rental companies I wouldn't dare recommend. Greg offered to work with us on our timeline of moving out if need be. If I ever buy to rent a property this is who I will go through as the property was very clean and I would recommend this company above all to tenants. Thanks Grace Management!"

Liz P. - Resident

“Great news on renting my property. Thanks for all your hard work.”

Ian M. - Property Owner

"I would like to thank Grace Management they're a great company to work with. I would recommend talking with Jessica Burrows. She is very helpful, professional and friendly every time I call."

Randy Z. - Property Owner

“We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our stay in Colorado so wonderful. We have enjoyed this home and everyone at Grace. Thank you for treating us so good.”

Tim & Tiffany H. - Resident

“Thank you so much, I really appreciate all of the time and attention you have put in. “

Rachel D. – Resident

“Wow, awesome! Less than a week on the market to rent my home, that’s amazing! And at an impressive monthly rental cost.”

Nate T. - Property Owner

“Thank you for your excellent feedback Greg. That is why I am happy we selected you and Grace Management. I am confident if the tenant does not renew you will get a new tenant.”

Gary N. - Property Owner

“Thanks for your prompt response to my request”

Randy B. - Property Owner

“You guys are great”

Ernie Z. - Property Owner

“Your folks have been top notch!”

Steve C. – Resident

“The year has been so good, I have been considering taking over directly managing the property without using Grace Management given our one year agreement is expiring soon I below. The tenant has expressed interest in renewing their lease, which is awesome, as I think they are great tenants. But after further considerations, I have decided to keep using Grace’s service to manage my property and handle the renewal. You guys are doing a great job and did great selecting tenants.”

Chris C. - Property Owner

“You have been really great to us since coming on with Grace, and we appreciate it.”

Lydia & Cody F. - Residents

“Thank you for doing such a great job on managing my property”

Property Owner

“Thank you Jessica and all the team at Grace Management – we appreciate what you do”

Bob H. - Property Owner

“Wow!! Thanks so much for your quick work.”

Jen & Brett K. - Property Owner

“Everyone we have come in contact with has been excellent. We will recommend your services to others. Given our past experiences with other management companies, we have found your services leaps and bounds about the rest. Keep it up”


“Jessica, you have done a wonderful job helping me through this vacate process for my Mom. Grace Management is fortunate to have you!”

Doris P. - Resident

“Thank you very much for your immediate attention to my inquiry.”

Fred B. - Property Owner

“I am certain that the lease renewal was mostly due to the level of professionalism that Grace Management provides and with the diligent attention paid to the tenants’ needs, making them feel at ease and secure. Thank you for the services you provide.”

Bob J. - Property Owner

“Excellent ++, I would highly recommend you.”

Sue S. - Resident

“Thanks for the quick response Sheri. Thanks again for all you do.”

James D. - Property Owner

“You guys have been really great through the years… I have been with you since 2004 (in fact Greg showed us my first rental with my mom); previously at one property and now at another. You guys stuck with me through some tough years while I was in college and ends were hard to meet. I really appreciate all your company has done for me.”

Edward C. - Resident

“Thanks for taking such good care of us”

Kathy L. - Property Owner

“Thanks again. We were indeed blessed when Donna, the realtor who was unsuccessful in selling the house, pointed us in your direction to be our Property Manger. They don’t get a better than you and your team!”

Jeff H. - Property Owner

“Working with Susan has been a pleasure. I am living away from the immediate area of my property and she has made this work. I feel very comfortable that my house is in good hands. I feel confident in my choice of management groups to take care of my investment. Thanks again!!”

Joseph H. - Property Owner

“We love the job you do taking care of the place.”

Jason & Wendy L. - Property Owners

“I really appreciate the great business relationship and friendship we have always had with Grace Management, especially with Greg and Alan. Thank you.”

Bill B. - Resident

“Thanks for the great work on renting the house. We made a wise choice in hiring you, thanks again for the great work.”

Dan J. - Property Owner

“I also like the periodical newsletters your business sends on real estate management. The articles / advice columns are well written for novices like me. I’ve learned a lot in just a few months! Best Wishes.”

Ernie Z. - Property Owner

“My wife and I have worked with Sheri at Grace Management for about 1 year and it has been an amazing experience. They are extremely professional, understand the market, and give great recommendations for renting our property.”

Javier L. - Property Owner

“Thank you very much for the excellent work and service!”

Vladimir I. - Property Owner

“I really like working with you Liz. You’re great. Thanks for your quick response and practical resolution to this little issue. Very good!”

Frank M. - Property Owner

“Thank you for your quick response time Greg. That is one of the reasons your company is the best.”

Gary N. - Property Owner

“Awesome Jessica, thank you for all your help. I know that Ryan and I are very exited to move in ad be a part of the community there, as well a being tenant with Grace Management. Thanks!!”

James W. - Resident

“Thank you; we appreciate the good job Grace Management does for us.”

Mary & Wally V. - Property Owner

“Thank you so much Greg for the helpful informant and advice. It is exactly what we were looking for as far an you opinion combined with some numbers. Thank you again for responding so thoroughly and helping us move forward making an educated decision!!”

Audrey B. - Property Owner

“Thank you Elena for a all of your hard work. You were great to us.”

Jacob G. - Resident

“Wow! That is great news and well in advance of the lease expiration date! You and your team at Grace rock. Thanks for making my day!”

Robert J. - Property Owner

“You have been wonderful property managers and it’d be great to rent from you.”

James D. - Resident

“I simply wanted to say thank you very much for all of your help and for being so attentive, flexible, friendly, and easy to speak with. Thanks again for everything.”

Dan W. - Resident

“Thank for the update Elena. Your company seems to take pride in its properties and that’s very important to me!”

Scott B. - Resident

“Just wanted to let you know you are doing a great job Liz.”

Rob C. - Property Owner

“Thanks for all your help Elena. Your professionalism has really been appreciated.”

Tamyra A. - Resident

“I appreciate your high level of respect in doing the best in pleasing us!! Thanks Greg.”

Leo R. - Property Owner

“First let me say a big thank you. I am always amazed at how much you care about your tenants.”

Alisa F. - Resident

“Thanks Liz. Always nice to know that your company is on top of rental properties”

Ernie Z. - Property Owner

“I am super thrilled that you have kept the condo leased out for going on three years now! I honestly expected a turnover year after year. You found great tenants! I recommend you to all my friends looking to lease out their property in the Denver area! Thanks!”

Pam D. - Property Owner

“Thank you Elena for all of your help throughout the process. It has been a please working with you thus farm and Mark and I are very excited to be living at the home!”

Megan N. - Resident

“Thanks for the explanation; I really appreciate you taking the time, both for the explanation and for handling the emergency!”

Robert H. - Property Owner

“I wanted to say thank you Marc. We have had our differences in the past, but you always acted like a gentleman and treated us with respect and that means a lot to us. Thanks for helping us. Jessica has done an excelling job being our ‘rep’. I know I’ve asked her some difficult question in the past, but she has always been respectful and has answered every questions I have in a timely and professional manner.”

Frank & Melissa M. - Property Owner

“It was our pleasure to talk to you the other day Sheri. You gave us a lot of good information. If we decide to rent out our house, it will be a very easy decision to pick you as our property manger.”

Sal S. - Property Owner

“I can’t say enough good thinks about Grace Management. You guys get an A++ in my book.”

Michael A. - Resident

“I was lucky to have picked the premier property management company. Thanks Grace!”

Jeff H. - Property Owner

“Thank you for all your hard work, such great news and burden lifted off my shoulders. Thank you once again!”

Stephanie M. - Property Owner

“We have rented from Grace Management for over 18 years and could not be happier.”

Bob D. - Resident

“I truly appreciate Grace Management and have easy you have made my life.”

Debbie G. - Property Owner

“Thank you for everything. You all were very responsive and we had a very positive experience. Merry Christmas”.

Heather& Matt B. - Residents

“Thank you so much! You are all so great!”

Rachel P. - Property Owner

“That is great news. You did awesome. That takes a load off my mind. Thanks to everyone there!”

Dave N. - Property Owner

“Thank you for the information, I told Susan yesterday, but I wanted to tell you as well, with each interaction, I feel more and more comfortable working with your company. The professionalism and thoroughness of our operation is quite clear, even in these early stages. I am glad I picked you guys.”

Craig J. - Property Owner

“Thank you for the progress you have achieved o my home. I met some of your vendors last night and was impressed by their professional approach.”

Robert R. - Property Owner

“I know Grace is the best management company in town and I’ll continue to recommend your company to anyone that asks me.”

Lex S. - Property Owner

“Thanks for the heads up. Your continual dedication to the owners is greatly appreciated.”

Randy M. - Property Owner

“Thanks so much for taking care of my property. I very much appreciate the wonderful job you did over the years.”

Natalie B. - Property Owner

“I appreciate all you do for us.”

Michael L. - Property Owner

“Jessica has been very positive and responds to our e-mails in a very prompt and friendly manner. Elena helped us along and kept us informed during the initial rental process.”


“This is great news. Thank you to everyone at Grace Management who helped make this happen.”

Craig J. - Property Owner

“Thanks so much for everything. You have been a pleasure to work with. Grace Management is a really terrific company and a great leasing company.”

Tracee B. - Resident

“You have been quite on top of keeping me informed on market sales and I want YOU to be my selling agent!! Thank you for keeping it rented over the years! You have definitely earned my business on this one.”

Michael M. - Property Owner

“Thank you for all your help on this questions… You are the best in your field. No doubt in my mind.”

James D. - Property Owner

“I appreciate the professionalism and conscientiousness of Grace Management.”

Ernie Z.- Property Owner

“After comparing several companies in different ways, I have decided to go with your firm. Thank you.”

Bob T. - Property Owner

“Thank you so much for responding to my e-mail. I really appreciate how well your company has responded to all my questions and concerns.”

Carla E. - Property Owner

“I recently did a transactions with Sheri and she was fantastic! Best deal of 2014! You have a great group over there. I look forward to doing future business”

Joann P. - Property Owner

“Thank you – your promptness is much appreciated!”

Megan K. - Property Owner

“Just wanted to thank you folks for being proactive on this issue. Frankly, it would not have occurred to me that it might be a problem as a landlord, so I’m truly grateful that your team pays attention and addresses such things. You do a great job of respecting all parties involved, which is a rare and beautiful thing.”

Heather M. - Property Owner

“Hi! I’ve been meaning to e-mail you and thank you for the prompt fixing of the hot water heater this last time. Your vendor couldn’t have been any nicer or thorough. I was very pleased with his service. Thanks again!”

Ashley V. - Resident

“We have enjoyed working with everyone at Grace Management. Your entire team has been very responsive to every question and request. WE really appreciated that.”

Mike E. - Property Owner

“Unfortunately we need to move into something smaller, we will truly miss working with you. You have an amazing team that really focuses on customer service. That is the key in having loyal clients. From Elena helping us move into something we absolutely loved, to Liz helping us with our financial issues, thanks so much.”

Sonia V. - Resident

“You were great to work with over the last 12 years. You were always professional and knowledgeable. I felt that I received good guidance from you all along the journey. Best wishes to you all.”

Neil F. - Property Owner

“I love how organized you are!”

Laurie W. - Resident

“Great news! Thanks for the great job that everyone at Grace does for our tenants, the property, and me.”

Randy D. - Property Owner

“Thank you so much for selling our house. We are thrilled to sell, and in one day is amazing. Fantastic job!”

Christine H. - Property Owner

“In terms of knowledge, philosophy, and professionalism, you stand out significantly from the competition here. I have no problem referring people your way.”

Justin G. - Property Owner

“Thank you so much for all your assistance and follow through during the course of our contract. We will be sure to pass along Grace Management to family and friend that are in need of series such as yours. We plan on doing business with you again in the future if we have another rental property.”

Jennie G. - Property Owner

“I always appreciate your understanding and urgency. You always handle any issues I have so well. Than you again.”

Ashley W. - Resident

“Thanks Greg. We appreciate all of the effort that you and your team put into managing our property.”

Erin G. - Property Owner